A $375 Fold 1 (A review, revised)

By NotYetBritish on Monday 21 December 2020 17:10 - Comments (11)
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It's no secret to the ones who regularly look at my V&A ads, I love to try out technology.
As I am a student that usually means that I buy one generation behind.

It all started when I found out how trading worked a mere four years ago. I had bought my first self bought phone - An S6 edge in the gold color. I traded that for a white 6S because I felt locked out of Apple's ecosystem. Then to a Nexus 6P, S7, S7 edge, S8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, Pixel 2XL, iPhone XR (on contract), Pixel 2XL, Pixel 3XL, Blackberry passport, XS Max, several OnePlus (3, 6, 7 pro) iPhone X, Poco X3 NFC, Samsung A50 (business phone), and then now Samsung Fold 1.

Now, I am not rich. Just spent a lot of time researching and finding deals when I still had the time to do so... others would party and drink... I was trading phones...

Frankly I did not have the time to do research to that extent anymore after the XS Max died.
One big common factor in the later trades is that there's always been something wrong. Always a Scratch or a ding. Cracks were very common. The trading went down with every deal. The last phones were traded through money. :P

I started to run out of phones I could get that were distinctively different than any phone I had before after I cancelled a 12 pro Max order due to early renewal costs last month.

Every time I saw the fold 1 my heart fluttered to the extent no iPhone or android to that point could.
Of course research followed, and a fold entered my life. Not too damaged, perfectly workable and pretty cheap: $375. Quite the departure from the $2k asking price in 2018.

With 12gb ram and 512gb as standard I am very content with the performance. Buying used phones gives me a way better value than buying any other phone in this case! The foldable (AM(OLED)) screen is awesome for watching video's and other entertainment. It is perfect when apps are designed right :P, And it's getting better... Even the Apple Music is adapted for the big screen! The small screen is something to get used to, but perfectly usable. Even the keyboard is great on the little screen.

Forgot one thing... battery life is still going like a king!. I average 10h of SOT on One UI 2.0.

Now for some usability in real world scenarios. While every flagship is now crossing the 1000 euro mark, is this thing far beyond. Even if I had the money, I wouldn't buy it anywhere near it's MSRP.
The reason for that is simple: The phone is simply too fragile too spend the 2k on. At 400 dollars yes. I have taken the risk.

Usability in the real world is only for one type of person. The avid movie fan or people who have the time to consume heaps of media: I use it for my daily train commute between Den Haag and Veenendaal which is about 1hr and 30min by train. There's been several times that I even attended an online lecture on it, while being in said train and be perfectly able to follow all that was said because of 7.3 inch display. I also should mention that the phone is perfectly heavy, it feels like you spent the money for sure. The inner display is certainly not AS fragile as people make it out to be... in fact, it is quite sturdy. However, as mentioned a lot in this review: it's definitely not 2k awesome.
The fold is the only phone that can keep me off an iPhone, and vice versa. Quality of materials and software feel is about the same. but with an 855 and 12gb ram what does one expect? :D

I quickly realised that this phone is not very useful when you're out and about a lot. The front screen is very good, but small. I have learned to type on it and opposed to all the bad rep it got when reviewed: I Think it's doable. But doable is not something that is positive when you spend that type money. The Fold 2 is too big, the 1 is just half an inch too small on the front.

Working with the 4.something inch screen has made me realise that I honestly don't need a Pro max in the future. A 12 or 12 mini will do just fine. I did notice I used my phone a lot less while being in traffic because of the suboptimal size of both screens. That is a good thing. Breathe in some air and focus on the world while walking instead of having your head in the phone, ain't a pity.

Honestly, now that I have the experience of using the Fold... I have a hard time recommending it due to its fragile being. But at the same time, I think a non-foldable phone would start to bore the heck out of me after a month.

Pics! (Quality ain't great, I know):

Apple music on Fold:

First post!

By NotYetBritish on Tuesday 24 November 2020 17:47 - Comments (8)
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Hey my tweaker friends,

This is my first post, I have no idea what I will put on my blog... There's no theme, and I'm very excited to write about whatever is on my mind. My next post will be about a used Galaxy fold I purchased for $325 (yes there's a pixel dot and line, but for $325 I'm okay to compromise)

Lastly, this blog will be in English. While I'm fully Dutch, I am way more comfortable writing in English. It will never be perfect, and I'm not looking for it to be. (At least my random thoughts I'll be putting in here, which will usually not take up more than it should in terms of time)

Have a great evening guys!